What questions should I ask a marriage celebrant?

You're at your first meeting with a marriage celebrant; you're a little bit nervous, not quite sure what to expect, how you should act, what you should be wearing, or what questions they're going to ask you... it can be a little bit daunting.


Quite often I meet with couples that aren't quite sure what questions to ask me, which is fine, because it's not something you do very often (hopefully!). So I've put together a little list of questions for you to take with you when you're meeting with marriage celebrants (and hopefully me!) and to put your nerves at ease at that first exciting meeting.

1. Do you do more than one wedding in a day? If so, what gap do you allow between?

(You don’t want a celebrant who’s not focussed on you and your day….stressing about how they’ll get to the next one on time, or even worse, being late for your ceremony!).

2. How many times can we meet?

It might take a while for you to get everything just right, and sometimes working face to face is more productive than via email or sms.

3. Do you charge extra for rehearsals, travel or anything else?

4. Can we use your PA for our music?

(This can save you a lot of money and hassle.)

5. What other services can you provide?

(Your celebrant may be able to help out with orders of service, MC the reception, and provide recommendations for other service providers.)

6. How many drafts of the ceremony can we make? When do we have to make final changes by?

7. What happens during one of your ‘usual’ ceremonies? What do they look like? What can I expect?

8. What other rituals or ceremonies can be included in our wedding ceremony? (You need to know how comfortable the celebrant is with incorporating other rituals into your ceremony and how open they are to doing things differently.)

9. Do you have any testimonials from previous couples you’ve married?

(You need to do your background checking and that includes reference checks)

I hope you find this helpful, and if you have a questions you would like to ask, or you're not sure if your questions are 'right', then feel free to drop me a line and we can have an informal chat :)

Let's celebrate love,



Ph: 0423 028 668


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