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marriage celebrant melbourne

"Let's elope!"


Not into the 'traditional' type of wedding and just want to do your own thing?


Some of us dream of the perfect wedding day, complete with dresses, bridesmaids, dances and a huge party.  Some of us could not think of anything worse!


I get that the traditional wedding is not everyone’s cup of tea, so I pride myself in being flexible enough to make your wedding reflect you and what you want from the ceremony.


There are basic legal requirements that must be met to be married in Australia.   The legal requirements include:


  • Lodging all of the necessary paperwork notifying the government of your intent to marry, legal ability to be married and the certificate completed during the ceremony.

  • The monitum, which is the celebrant’s declaration to the couple and their witnesses about the meaning of marriage in Australia.

  • The couple’s vows to each other before the celebrant and their witnesses, where they declare to take each other as their lawfully wedded husband or wife.


On top of these legal requirements, I work with couples to create a ceremony that truly reflects their personalities and their vision for their wedding day.


It’s up to you.  Just let me know if you want something which is not much more than the ‘bare necessities’, or a simple ‘short and sweet’ ceremony.


Prices for these ceremonies start at $700 for mid-week services.  


Contact me here if you would like more information.

Image by Mel Panteli Photography

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